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NEW ARRIVALS (may 2010)


97-SHIKI – s/t tape [revulsion records]
The debut from this chicago quartet. Guitar, bass, drums, singing…and a gong (not constantly, although that would be awesome, just on one song) in the vein of bands you may or may not have ever heard of or care about. Rhythmic, dischordant-yet-melodic, slightly obtuse, rock music from a group of people who’ve spent time in bands like- Fourth Rotor, He Who Corrupts, Locks, Killsadie, My Lai, Iron Reminders, Kung Fu Rick, and V. Reverse to name a few. 6 tracks from 97-Shiki and a cover song from Carburetor Dung; Opression but with their very own style. Bonus with Bahasa Melayu translation!

BLACK MAGIC PYRAMID – s/t tape [bart records]
Saskatoon’s Black Magic Pyramid (R.I.P.) were unreal. When I first saw them, I didn’t get it. It was much darker than what I would usually go for. But when I saw them play at Ghost Throats over the summer, I was totally floored. The vocals almost verge on black metal, but there’s these hidden melodies that save the music from being total dirge and seriously rewards repeated listens. This tape compiles thier entire discography as a band: all three cd-r’s. We could decide which versions of the songs we liked best, and since tapes can be as longs as anything, we decided to give you all of them. This tape also has the most intense cassette design I’ve ever encountered.

GIFTEATER – s/t tape [bart records]
This compiles the final recording of Gift Eaters before they ended. These four songs were supposed to be on splits that, for whatever reason, never came to be. They were too good to go to waste! And if you think four jams is too few, Side B contains a recording of their (first) final show (before the last one occured). Want to say you were ahead of the game, and heard the best hardcore band in Canada from 2009? Get on this.

GROWN-UPS – i can’t win tape [bart records]
The brand new recordings from Calgary’s Grown-Ups entitled “I can’t win”.My favourite Calgary band has a new tape and I was lucky enough to get it out. Sounds like the old tape only better recorded (they hit the mid-fi button) and much funnier. Sara even takes the vocal reigns on the best jam on the tape, which is basically a hardcore ripper. This band reminds me why I still like punk-rock.

HELLOWAR – s/t tape [revulsion records]
Second EP from this metallic crust hardcore from Indonesia. You guys should check this out if you are fans of His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy and the like.

JAPANESE BEAVER ARE CANADIAN – phone home tape [bart records]
Japanese Beaver are Canadian hail from Bracebridge, Ontario. If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry, no one does. GIft Eaters played with these guys on their cross-Canada tour, and thankfully those guys turned me on to thius band. Basically, imagine if shotmaker lived in the middle of nowhere and had beards… and didn’t have guitars, so they had to use two basses. Yep, that’s right… TWO basses. Power trio at it’s utmost! And to top it all off, the incredible artwork from Andrew Benson!

NORTH OF AMERICA – 12345678910 tape [bart records]
8 North of America jams you don’t have? That’s right. This thing compiles the tracks from Brothers, Sisters sessions (which, if I am not mistaken, was supposed to be on a Split with Weight & Measures that never saw the light of day) on Side A. Side B has a couple tracks from comps (The “in the film…” comp and the “Self-Portrait” comp) and an old jam entitled “Hot Work” that’s just been sitting on a computer until now. I don’t know how this hasn’t happened before, but it’s the best thing ever. Not to mention the design done by Andrew Benson taking tapes to the next level.

PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI – har du sagt “a” får du si “nal” tape [revulsion records]
Parlamentarisk Sodomi is on the loose and this vicious grindcore vigilante is poised to bring about the collapse of Norway’s political landscape through a rampage of rear entry and sexual subjugation of its figureheads, whilst simultaneously destroying all preconceptions of one man bands by ejaculating the most radical crusty punked up grind heard in the last decade! This is masterful old school grindcore full of swarming buzzsaw riffing, incredibly powerful and tight as fuck drumming, razor-sharp rhythm shifts, neanderthal bellowing growls, venomous shrieking and more circle pit inducing crossover skank sections than a young Mitch Harris could ever dream of!! Parlamentarisk Sodomi is the perfect amalgamation of Repulsion, Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs, Captain Cleanoff, Disrupt, Assuck, His Hero Is Gone and Terrorizer, sounding like a genuine lost gem from the late 80’s but with the freshness and individuality to stand above the rest of the new wave of old school grinders! Har Du Sagt “A” Får Du Si “Nal” features 15 rabid politically charged attacks of the most cruel and sarcastic kind, taken from the 2006 and 2007 demos having been re-mixed and 3 of which are brand new songs to give you the most blissfully excruciating reaming of your life!!

PAZAHORA – burn the gavels tape [revulsion records]
Cassette version of their semi discography compile their first full length, split CD with Crux, split 7″ with Kah-Roe-Shi with a bonus new song. Asian crust in the rise!

RAEIN – ogni nuovo inizio tape [dance tonight record]
this is the Tape version of the new RAEIN lp, The new record is a long song splitted into 6 parts, and personally it’s some of the best stuff raein ever did! three guitars plus a thousand vocals equals chaotic, rockish, tangled but still beautifully melodic screamo, for fans of city of caterpillar, portraits of past.

SISTA SEKUNDEN – don’t blame us! tape [revulsion records]
SISTA SEKUNDEN shows Sweden once more how it can be fun to play hardcore, recycling OUTLASTS old saying “Positive hardcore positive youth” there follow-up to there debute record is way more melodic and with more chorus and sing-a-long parts. They have collected just as much influences from CAREER SUICIDE, OUTLAST of course and even early DESCENDENTS. This is the best record with modern hardcore out of Sweden since OUTLASTS above mentioned album – perhaps even better then that now classic record. The thing that relly makes SISTA SEKUNDEN to stick out is that they sing in swedish. SISTA SEKUNDEN brings energy and positivity back in the hardcore scene. 13 really good tracks (included a DESENDENTS cover sung in swedish). Vinyl version shows amazing artwork with hot foil print and full color sleeve and black print on the inside of the jacket. A modern classic!

TERROR OF DYNAMITE ATTACK – behind the exploitation of their richness nature tape [revulsion records / sukma records]
info soon.

CARRY VS SABSE – s/t CD [moment of collapse records]
This is the debut CD by Carry vs. Sabse from Berlin. This duo are two creativ girls that know how to make out of less more. Good arranged songs, sometimes with a single guitar, sometimes with sampled guitars and basslines, matched with minimal drummings and synthy-tones and always with a present and bright voice. it is all done in a lovely diy / lo-fi style. With these basics Carry and Sabse bring their songs somewhere between indie, folk and singer/songwriter sounds.
Hooked by different emotions like happieness, melancholy and satisfaction you get ll ten songs, that know how to convince the listener.

POTRAITS OF PAST – cypress dust witch CDep [excursions into the abyss]
Portraits of Past formed around 1994 in the San Francisco Bay Area and parted ways at the end of 1995. During their short-lived career, the band released a split 7″, several tracks on various compilations and most notably a self-titled LP that has been commonly cited as one of the most influential post-hardcore albums.In 2009, The band recorded four new songs – resulting in Cypress Dust Witch.Simply beautiful. Their sound has matured in the decade and a bit, (as) they’ve been busy doing other things. It’s a more grown up and well-rounded collection of pieces, all still retaining their trademark sound of passion and chaos.

CIUDAD DEL CABO / THERAPS – split 7″ [moment of collapse records]
Ciudad del cabo from spain are ex-members of enoch ardon and costacurta. they contrubute 2 songs to this split with theraps (ex-arse moreira), which also give 2 songs. Ciudad del cabo play more the classic mid 90s style. theraps play some technical, post hardcore style with long instrumental parts.

xCURRAHEEx – why we fight 7″ [commitment records]
The Buzzcocks. The Fall. Joy Division. The Smiths. Manchester brought us so many great bands, and here is another one! xCurraheex is a straight edge band that has been around since 2006, released their debut 7” in 2008 on Double Crossed Records from the UK and, after some line-up changes, have recorded their second 7” at the end of 2009. Seven songs of positive, yet aggressive, straight edge hardcore in the tradition of all the great straight edge bands from the late 1980s and late 1990s, brought with conviction and spirit. The 7” comes packed in great artwork from Javi.

CAPTAIN , YOUR SHIP IS SINKING – cross your fingers for the epilogue LP [moment of collapse records]
Captain, your ship is sinking is a young band from the netherlands. This is their debut on vinyl. You will get 4 songs which are in the vein of bands like envy, aussitot mort and neil perry. epic, melodic screamo with dark vocals.

MILLIONS OF THEM – failures LP [adagio 830 records ]
What can I say – MILLIONS OF THEM from Belgium are one of the most intense bands out of europe that I had the pleasure to hear and see live.MILLIONS OF THEM play angry heavy hardcore that reminds me on all those end 90ies hardcore bands like BOTCH, meets NINE IRON SPITFIRE etc.. Brutal, heartfelt and dirty. Recorded at Fat Soundz, Mixed from Kurt Balou at God City and Mastered from Josh Bonati
The debut record (with people that played in AM I DEAD YET) comebines noise, chaos, and unbridled anger in 10 songs. The record got mastered at Bonati is pressed on heavy vinyl and packed in 350gramm sleeves. Its one of the most heaviest records we released in a while on ADAGIO830.

SINALOA – s/t LP [adagio 830 records ]
SINALOA deliver four new tunes in the vein of Native Nod / The Van Pelt – beautiful emo like it used to be. Those 4 songs are the most epic ones so far. Long driven emotive hardcore with reminiscent vocals. you will definitely get goose bumps while listening to that piece of vinyl.
All records come with heavy card board covers and a sweet inlay. The B Side is etched.

THOUGHTS PAINT THE SKY – hier spielt die musik LP [ dicker elvis records ]
Latest output by the acoustic screamokids from thoghts paint the sky. 5 songs full of passion melody and catchy tunes. German vocals and the unique concept of the bands sound prove that tpts know what they are doing. This is the 5th tpts output. This is their first release on vinyl so be quick, we have red wax copies in stock!

V.A. CONNECTIONS – a six way split record 12″ [moment of collapse records]
6 bands on one record. The title ‘connections’ is in case kind of a concept. All 6 bands are from different countreys and that´s not a coincidence. This release should be something like a evidence for active diy movement all over the world. There are Arse Moreira from Mexico, Eucalypt from Australia, Amalthea from swden, Orbit cinta benjamin from Malaysia, Dodewaard from the Netherlands and Hiro from France. All in all 12 Songs between screamo, posthardcore and emoviolence. On purple vinyl with an awesome artwork by Sebastian Weiß and handnumbered covers to 468 copies, including a nice booklet with lyrics and words of the bands. There is also a special edition available which includes a CDr-Version and a handscreened Moment of Collapse Recordbag limited to 50 handnumbered copies.


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