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Some news from the exclusives labels


Hello Friends,

First of all, i want to thank to everyone that supported me at utarid:distro for the last 3 years , the distro are still small but it slowly build up , without your purchases it won’t last long. On the other hands , i want to thank to Mr.Hatta Nirman from Dead Pigs Zine for helping me out with the overseas order since the day one with his paypal account , so right now I have my own paypal account , all overseas order can send a payment to utariddistro@gmail.com from now on.

Other news i have from the exclusive labels , utarid:tapes will release the new album by DAÏTRO entitled ‘Y’ , the album is already out on CD and LP version , both on Oto Records and Purepainsugar respectively. While at the Whatever It Takes Records , Manila’s own Straight Edge crew STAID are set to release their both demo CDr in 1 tapes for the worldwide market , they also contribute 1 song on the new Youth Crew compilation 7″ by Positive and Focused Records out of Netherlands.

Some other news i have is that utarid distro have a big cartel store site now, you can go to http://utariddistro.bigcartel.com but there’s only 5 item can be upload on it. just write to me if you to order more.

hope all is well,
_arwith / utarid:distro 2010


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