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NEW ARRIVALS (march 2010 updated )


ISAIAH – first 2 years discography tape (utarid tapes) RM 7 / RM8ppd
This is a collection tape for Isaïah from Belgium in their 2 years existence. consisted songs from the demo CDr , tour CDr and the Ils Consomment, Tuent Et Prient Mais Ne Pensent Pas LP. artwork by Brian Cougar.

OVERDOSE / ALWAYS LAST – split tape (stoneville records) RM 6 / RM 7 ppd
Always Last is a melodic punk rock band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia team up with Overdose from Beijing , China for their southeast asia tour . Overdose is a female fronted punk rock band who also shared member of Fanzui Xiangfa.

AMARAN UNTUKMU – s/t CD (aum records) RM15
A.U.M or Amaran Untuk Mu from Singapore was formed in mid-2006 by the three founding members: Borhan (guitar), Shahran (bass) and Junaidi (drums). With the same preference  for sound and offbeat time signatures, these three members decided to come together and produce music currently identified by some as minimalist emotive fusion. A strong advocate of minimalism, A.U.M has consistently embedded this belief into their music.These musicians delve into their emotions to define their lyrical creativity and honest musicianship. As originality is no longer possible, A.U.M fuses various genres to come up with a piece of uniquely written music. These notions and beliefs that A.U.M members have held on are encapsulated in A.U.M’s current self-titled EP under their own label, A.U.M Records.

FAIR ROOT / MONTGOMERY DRIVE / COUNTERFEIT MATT – 3 way split CDr (self released) RM7
This split CD is made for their US tour in January 2010. Fair Root consisted a former member of Osceola.

FULL CHIN – the last work for escape CD (fullchin records) RM10
Full-Chin is Ryo Furuya from Yokohama, Japan.This is the first CD by this one man japanese folk singer. offering 5 songs for his first attempt.

FULL CHIN – Human’s Burning CD (fullchin records) RM10

This is the second CD by Ryo Furuya a.k.a Full Chin , he got help in one tracks from Takeshi Igarashi , the drummer of Curve , Hideaki Kanbara from Werckmeister Harmonies and Youhei Takahashi.

KIDS ON THE MOVE – changes CD (ceasefire records) R
Impressive full-length debut from Ceasefire Records’ flagship straightedge crew. The title track, as well as ‘Helping Hands’, ‘A Fallen Man’ and ‘Second Chance’ are the best songs on Changes, mostly because they try to go above and beyond the limitations of the genre. Changes may be more kickass than badass-lacking the angst, spite or meanness that would probably make it more immediately relevant-but Kids On The Move still deliver over 30 minutes of solid, tight and well-structured mayhem.

The long awaited full length album from the craziest crossover thrash band from Jakarta. for fans of Sarjan Hassan and Municipal Waste.

HELLOWAR – On The March To The Final Doom CD + EP’s Collection (revulsion records) RM10
The new album from Hellowar featuring 6 new songs with bonus 15 songs from their previous EP. Hailing from Jakarta/Tangerang, Indonesia, HELLOWAR plays a style of metallic crust hardcore (read: “neo-crust”) not unlike TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, BLACK DOVE, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, and such. Comes with full colour artwork gatefold packaging and a live video set!

PALA – s/t 7″ (a389 records) RM20
This insane 4 piece from in and around Baltimore City feature Chris Kuhns of Pulling Teeth fame, alongside ex-members of local notables such as The Fall Line, Innure and Downside Risk. Moody spastic hardcore that incorporates a lot of technical and stonery elements.

SUIS LA LUNE / OSCEOLA – split 7″ (fasaden / eschucha / protagonist ) RM20
2 new raging songs from Osceola and 1 new epic event from Suis La Lune here on the split 7inch. The idea for the record came about when the bands toured together and now it has finally become a reality… And if you saw either of these bands on that tour, you know you need this record!!


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