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UTARID DISTRO [ february 2010 ]


BALBOA / PLAGUE SERMON – split tape (utarid tapes) RM 7 / RM8ppd
Balboa is a post-hardcore / post-metal type band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and The Plague Sermon from Brighton, United Kingdom who sound like if Neil Perry still around , this record will be never available digitally , Midmarch Records and Magic Bullet Records are releasing this on LP.

BATTLE OF WOLF 359 – collection tape (utarid tapes) RM 7 / RM8ppd
Battle of Wolf from London offering some blistering and heavy as fuck tracks from their The Death Of Affect LP as well as their split 7″ with Kaddish & Singaia and the songs from Emo Annihilation comp. and 1 unreleased song.

BÖKANÖVSKY – s/t tape (utarid tapes) RM 7 / RM8ppd
French emotional hardcore punk that reminds bands like HYACINTH, URANUS or some 90’s French emo hardcore bands. 6 songs of passionate, angry, sad and political emo hardcore with great jangly guitar bits we all know and love!

CHANNEL X  – come again tape (whatever it takes records) RM 7 / RM8ppd
This Klang based youthcrew hardcore bring you 6 great positive youthcrew anthem, play 88 style hardcore with a Strong spirit , heavily influence by Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today , Bold , Unity and Standard Issue.

COMADRE – a wolf ticket tape (puremind records) RM 7 / RM8ppd
With plenty of passion and intensity, San Francisco, CA’s Comadre tear through eight tracks on this EP, bringing more politics and urgency expressed through a hardcore sound that mixes the desperation of ’90s Ebullition bands like Orchid and Portraits Of Past with the aggression of Catharsis and touches of the speed of traditional hardcore.

COTIDIE MORI – s/t tape (utarid tapes) RM 7 / RM8ppd
When a band shares members with LA QUIETE, you might know what you’ll get.But there is no way you can be dissapointed! Hectic and intense screamo with an socio-political undertone. This is the TAPE version of the 7″+CDr from Sons Of Vesta.

DEADVOWS  – bad blood tape (true to the game / world’s appreciated kitsch records) RM 7 / RM8ppd
An Imported from Greece , Deadvows from Sweden play some awesome punk / hardcore , for fans of Black Flag & Motorhead. Limited to 150 copies.

DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS – soft clicks Tape (qsd records) RM 7 / RM8ppd
After a demo tape, a 7” , two split 7”s and an album , the Norwegian band Death Is Not Glamorous found time to write and record their new full length ‘soft clicks’ . To give an idea what they sound like: think of Lifetime, Dag Nasty, Rites Of Spring and Kid Dynamite mixed all together. This 13 songs cassette tape recently released on CD/LP under Dead & Gone Records.

DISCO VOLANTE – blood on the walls tape (revulsion records) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Awesome rock n roll punk as fuck out of the dirty cities of Sweden, loads of great guitar leads and from times really fucking angry screamed vocals which are combined with some slower stuff as well, totally recommended kickass punk fucking rock. Also to add they’re not just an amazing live band, that you shouldn’t miss out if getting the chance, they’re also setting your stereos on fire.

DRAMACOMA – tin kosong tape (utarid tapes) RM 7 / RM8ppd
Dramacoma play a chaotic mess that is not overly intense but ambles on enjoyably. Guitar lines are a bit preditable unlike La Quiete and Raein
The vocals are nice enough and the song lyrics are interesting; topics include the death penalty, lost friendship, and war. comes in a soap box with 4 different colors.

DYING IN MOTION / FULL CHIN – split tape (utarid tapes) RM 7 / RM8ppd
Dying in Motion is a screamo/HC band from Zürich who blow you away. in the vein of french school (think Belle Epoque, Mihai Edrisch, Daïtro and the like), they’re playing a not so often heard brand of agressive, cathartic, errrm, blues. kidding. some call it violent emo, but that’s just another not-so-close- drawer for an unclassifiable style. the topics hansi screams his lungs out about are mostly of instrospective nature. Full-Chin is one man folk punk from Yokohama, Japan. This is beautiful!

ENOCH ARDON – demo tape (utarid tapes / sons of vesta) RM 7 / RM8ppd
Originally released in 7″ this spanish band with ex-members of Anevilforeachman, Sherezade and more. Just mix your favorite tunes from Tristan Tzara and all those european screamo bands with the darkness of 90’s emoviolence bands as One Eyed God Prophecy and Reveral Of Man. comes in silkscreened clothcover by serimal.

FAIR ROOTS – demo tape (self released) RM6 / RM7 ppd
handmade diecut cover by this ex-Osceola dude. on tour with Suis La Lune this summer!

F.K.U – metal moshing mad tape (kandar mosh distro) RM6 / RM7 ppd
The debut album from Sweden’s horror thrash metal fiend F.K.U. re-released in tape format by Kandar Mosh Distro.

GHOSTLIMB – alea iacta est tape (utarid tapes) RM 8/RM 9ppd
this is the discography as tape version by Californias Ghostlimb. rough/harsh punk tunes meet catchy melodies combined with brutal sounding vocals and powerfull drums. this release contains both of their sold out lps , a split 10″ with Fischer , a 4 way split with Zann , Trainwreck and Perth Express

GRINDING HALT – discography tape (bullwhip records) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Grinding Halt plays down tuned metalcrust that sounds a lot like His Hero Is Gone and Uranus. A collection of their previous releases (split 12″ with Vuur and Sprookjeshof lp) plus 3 unreleased new tracks. Members of Shikari & The Last Mile.

INQUIRY LAST SCENERY / TERSANJUNG 13 – split tape (bebal distro) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Malaysian Skramz versus Indonesian grindcore mayhem in one tapes.
ILS include member from Tyrant , this is the new release in 2010 .

JALAN SEHALA / DEATH OF PRESIDENT – split tape (revulsion records) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Both bands play fast and thrashcore music. Jalan Sehala is from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and Death of President is from Indonesia. Very good introduction for another blasting fast hardcore hailing from South East Asia. JxS play in the vein of Scholastic Deth with kinda punk rock touch, while DOP play more into thrashcore youthcrew.

JUNE PAIK – discography tape (utarid tapes / builtonfriendship records ) RM 8/RM 9ppd
finally out! this discography tape delivers you all your favorite songs by your favorite band. from the s/t 10”, the split 12” with titan over the s/t 7”, the s/t 12” until the emo annihilation song, the emo apocalypse song and the emo armageddon song – everything is banned on this c-100 tape! june paik combines dark, emoviolent parts with admirable long instrumental parts, peppered with lyrical vocals. this release comes from heart and was something really special, each copies comes with handfolded and handcut brown covers, including handmade lyricsheets and look like a hymnbook. the copies are handnumbered out of 200 black , proprinted tapes!.

KIDCRASH – snacks tape (utarid tapes) RM 7/RM 8ppd
Finally a new full lenght of those four friends from Santa Fe. What you can expect? More jazzy, technically brilliant, passionate music from four guys who just want to play music and don’t care about genre specifications

KOBRA KHAN – a retropestive of frantic and spactic melody tape (where’s that deerhead cassette / escucha records ) RM 8/RM 9ppd
This is the first Discography that this band has done. They split up in 1999 sadly… there have been very few emoviolence bands as powerful as KK. The frantic pace and beautiful melodies are of a special breed. They have since gone on to form Tristan Tzara which is just as incredible. This Retrospective contains the demo, the ”Pleure Qui Peut, Rit Qui Veut” 10”, the split 7”’s with Ultimate Warriors and Helen of Troy plus a previously unreleased song.
Artwork by Greg Deerhead and was silk screened by Greg Brunet and Nick Deerhead.

LA QUIETE – la fine non è la fine tape (utarid tapes) RM 7/RM 8ppd
A re-issue from La Quiete’s 2004 album on tape, Brooding, amazing and prolific Italian outfit, La Quiete capture the best elements of bands such as Orchid, Mohinder and Reversal of Man. You know: galloping fast melodies and harsh, screamed vocals. the soundtrack for your next epileptic fit basically. It will make you rub your eyes until you go blind.

LUKESTAR – lake toba tape (qsd records) RM 7/RM 8ppd
Lukestar are a Norwegian band based in Oslo. They play powerful pop rock with infectious rhythms and lyrics. Two members of Lukestar used to play in the punk-band The Spectacle and one member currently play in Snöras and Kaospilot.

M:40 – historiens svarta vingslag tape (revulsion records) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Crust/hardcore from Lidköping. Twelve songs of total fury! Full length album recorded at HoboRec, Jönköping. The songs are mixed with slower parts, which keeps the record as a whole interesting and focused. As on a prime note; crustpunk has never – and will never be – better than this. Think Totalt Jävla Mörker mixed with Neurosis!

OSCEOLA – discography tape (utarid tapes) RM 7/RM 8ppd
This discography is a collection tape was made by a group of people who lived very far from each other but managed to meet up every so often to play music and hang out and became pretty good friends, you can hear some of the 90’s emo vibe in their songs and very Saetia-esque for some reason. Artwork by Eric Rohter.

PARRHESIA / TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR – split tape (utarid tapes / ice age records) RM 7/RM 8ppd
A One AM Radio vs Jerome’s Dream styled split here, with one side really mellow and the other a chaotic mess. Torrential Downpour play on the first side is a one man project of Jeremy Vavrik. It’s lo-fi acoustic stuff, On the other side are Parrhesia, who sound more like Orchid and Reversal Of Man.

PAZAHORA – burn the gavels tape (revulsion records) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Cassette version of their semi discography compile their first full length, split CD with Crux, split 7″ with Kah-Roe-Shi with a bonus new song. this Singaporean boys and girls take Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone as their influence. Asian crust in the rise!

PHOENIX BODIES – raise the bullshit flag  tape (utarid tapes) RM 7/RM 8ppd
Ten tracks in about 16 minutes of blistering “punk fucking mayhem”, which pretty accurately describes this monster debut full-length. Almost grindcore, almost screamo, almost sludge…this is almost a lot of things and simultaneously kind of everything. It’s a great melding of ideas and sounds, and this band has come a long way since their inception. Comparisons to Pig Destroyer, Creation is Crucifixion or Tyranny of Shaw wouldn’t be unfair. Impressive and blistering!

QUANTIS – demo tape (self-released) RM 6/RM 7ppd
A new Malaysian skramz on the rise , featuring member of Utarid , Josephine and Merkuri. Screamo violence unlike Loma Preita and Louise Cyphre. comes in clothcover and limited to 100 copies.

ROBOTOSAURUS – manhater tape (utarid tapes) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Progression is described as an onward or forward movement. ROBOTOSAURUS have taken action and pushed through the barriers of heavy music to create the next extreme in sonic defilement. “Manhater”, their dark, crushing, and frantic debut album. Cramming 13 songs into just 25.5 chaotic minutes, the release is the band’s most focused and mature sounding effort to date, with their skilful manipulation of brutal sounds bringing to mind the likes of Converge, Discordance Axis, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Daughters.

SEE YOU IN HELL – utok! tape (Sukma Records/Pissed Off) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Another in a long line of high energy releases from Czech Republic’s SEE YOU IN HELL. Eight songs of everything that makes you to love them: speed, agility, hooks and near cryptic lyrics that challenge you to question everything that goes on around you while giving you the feeling that everything could be alright if we apply ourselves. The lyrics are printed in English and are accompanied by a collage of b/w show flyers. If this is your first time reading P.E. you should get ahold of issue 52/53 and check out the SEE YOU IN HELL Japanese tour diary. These guys are awesome!

SISTA SEKUNDEN – don’t blame us! tape (revulsion records) RM 6/RM 7ppd
Sista Sekunden shows Sweden once more how it can be fun to play hardcore, recycling OUTLASTS old saying “Positive hardcore positive youth” there follow-up to there debute record is way more melodic and with more chorus and sing-a-long parts. They have collected just as much influences from CAREER SUICIDE, OUTLAST of course and even early DESCENDENTS. This is the best record with modern hardcore out of Sweden since OUTLASTS above mentioned album – perhaps even better then that now classic record. The thing that relly makes SISTA SEKUNDEN to stick out is that they sing in swedish. SISTA SEKUNDEN brings energy and positivity back in the hardcore scene. 13 really good tracks (included a DESENDENTS cover sung in swedish). A modern classic!

STRUNG UP – society rot in hell tape (mable distro) RM 6/RM 7ppd
This tape contains the “Society Rot in Hell” LP from 2004, the s/t 7″ from 2003 and some previously unreleased tracks. Angry relentless full on traditional hardcore punk from the bay area, california with sick guitar wanks and gnarly vocals, simular to SOA, Void or Verbal Abuse. Awesome.

THRASHINGTON D.C.- to live and die in B.M.O tape (dendo records) RM 6 / RM 7 ppd
Thrashcore band from France kicking out the jams unlike What Happen Next? or Infest.

THRASH OHOOII!! – demo 2009 tape (cactus records / revulsions records) RM 6 / RM 7 ppd
Leave it to Malaysia to kick out the jams with some sick fucking thrash. From the demo’s title of Blasting Your Silly Head, to the cover image of a guy’s head exploding from within, to lyrics like ” We urge for all ages crew / We force for all ages crew / ALL AGES CREW”, to covers of WHAT HAPPEN NEXT? and DS-13, these guys have all their bases covered. Another outstanding addition to the history of Southeast Asian thrash and hardcore. Killer.

TOWERS – s/t  tape (protagonist records) RM 8/RM 9ppd
This is the cassette version of TOWERS full length vinyl release from late 2007 (on Electric Human Project & Turnstile). This Philadelphia band has been touring like crazy over the last few years, and has opened peoples eyes to some seriously outrageous tunes. A mid-paced abrasive psychedelic nightmare as demonstrated through the sonic fury of TOWERS. While one could claim that they draw influences from band names like GASP, DEADGUY, PG.99 and OLD MAN GLOOM / older ISIS, the band’s real influences come from themselves and a DIY punk-as-fuck mindset in general. They strive to write songs, put out records, go on tours, and repeat a seemingly never ending cycle. This is the true influence on the existence of
the band… and these guys are doing it better than almost any others out there! Highly recommended!

VITAMIN X – down the drain tape (karatekore / uglysmoker tapes) RM 6 / RM7ppd
There’s no need an introduction for Vitamin X , the most hardworking hardcore thrasher in Netherland.this tape are their collection tape from their ‘Down the drain’ LP , See Thru Their Lies LP , People that bleed EP , their US tour EP and a compilation tracks. only few copies left.

WEOT SKAM – breaking tape (kandar mosh distro) RM6 / RM7ppd
Penang’s longstanding hardcore/punk skate maniacs are back with a new cassette! dedicated to the breaking of all the things involving racism , facism, greed ,arrogance , lack of respect for each other and conservative thinking in our society, seven insane tracks including Fastgame cover that will break open all closed mind.

ZANN – three years in the desert tape (utarid tapes) RM 8/RM 9ppd
After tons of split-releases with Funeral Diner, Racebannon, Anger is Beautiful, Blame Game and discography CD – this is their first full length with 6 songs (28 minutes). If you want your hardcore varied, volcanic and intense, independent not only in theory but also in practice, with thoughtful, socially aware lyrics, then Zann is your thing.


A NEW FALL – bleeding world and screaming for acceptance CD (intrude records) [ RM20 ]
A new album by this Kelana Jaya’s Metalcore , unlike the old Poison the Well and As I Lay Dying.

AMBER DAYBREAK – sentinels CD (qsd , dancing on sharks , shitpiece and tapewriter records) [ RM30 ]
Amber Daybreak is from Belgium , play a kind of screamo influenced by Kidcrash, Suis la lune, Sinaloa & Raein. This is their first album with 8 tracks for you to dance to , comes in digipak cover.

AUSSITOT MORT – montuenga CD (oto records) [RM30]
The debut full length from this French powerhouse has finally arrived. If you’re not familiar with this band, they’re from Caen in France , share members with Amanda Woodward, they used to sound different when they were a 5 piece but since the original singer left the band they went into something heavier and noisier , between post hardcore and “psychedelic” rock. Their debut 4-song 12″ was released 2 years ago and sold out almost immediately. The artwork was superbly crafted by the talented Mara Piccione.Aussitôt Mort’s first full-length since this spring. Montuenga’s release kept getting pushed back, but at least three months after the intended date, it’s finally here. Aussitôt Mort parted with their vocalist who appears on the 12″ demo, so their songs have taken on a more instrumental quality. The songs lend themselves to minimal vocal accompaniment, but almost all of them still feature French lyrics.

CELESTE – misanthrophe(s) CD (denovali records) [ RM30 ]
Finally available!!! The third record of this nihilistic misanthropic band from France! For those who don’t know them yet: fans of Cult Of Luna, Breach, Neurosis or Dark Funeral should be all ears.

CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE – As The Roots Undo CD (Robotic Empire) [ RM30 ]
After hefty touring and several well received but sporadically unavailable releases, Savannah, GA’s CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE triumphantly return with their first full-length CD, “As The Roots Undo”. An intense ride including everything from blasts and grinds to stoned out melodies, all wildly layered with monk-like chants that seamlessly weave in and out of the dominating and truly-passionate dueling male & female screams. With a disruptively complex sound of chaotic and emotional hardcore, the overall epicness and urgency of this moving album will undoubtedly battle the established champions of innovative rock music.

COUPLE – teenage disc fantastic (pet project) [ RM15 ]
An album that all the Beatles fan shouldnt missed out. best selling records from the local indie scene.

CREVECOEUR – II CD (denovali records)[ RM30 ]
Crëvecoeur’s songs are mostly instrumental pieces, a tribute to the glorious days of soundtrack music, yet with a pop sensibility. definitely something for fans of morricone soundtrack music, calexico or black heart procession.

DAITRO – y CD (oto records) [RM30]
Y is the 2nd full length of this 9 years old french emopunk band, 4 years after their debut album Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes, split recordings w/Ampere, Raein and Sed Non Satiata and tours all over Europe, US and Japan. Y is a very solid and above all personal release, redefining their sound thanks to a more subtle mix between anger and serenity, adding some vocals for the first time so as to push their own limits further. Named upon the 2 rivers joining in the center of their town (forming an Y viewed from the sky) their new album is locally focused, speaking about how a community can become dogmatic, as well as all it can bring in terms of radical subversion and satisfaction of being well organized.

DAUGHTERS – canada songs CD (robotic empire) [ RM30 ]
Daughters burst forth, middle fingers raised high, with an unreal debut full-length of ultra-brutal grind-influenced screaming chaos. These songs combine so much so quickly that it’s almost dizzying, but they somehow manage to hold it all together and still take it way up a notch. Immersed in a genre that’s dangerously close to total overkill, Daughters are actually making technical and chaotic music original again, flawlessly combining thunderous drums with inhumanly fast blasts, squealing high-pitched guitars (that can almost be mistaken for keyboards at times) and absolutely manic screams to create a new form of heavy music that’s simply beyond description. Necessary noise interludes allow the listener to catch their breath before the cacophony continues, with breakdowns so huge that it’s amazing the studio didn’t collapse when the album was recorded. This all may sound like a bunch of grandiose hype, but we’re dead serious… this album is absolutely amazing and could shake the foundation of heavy music as we know it.

DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS – soft clicks CD (fysisk format)[ RM30 ]
After a demo tape, a 7” , two split 7”s and an album , the Norwegian band Death Is Not Glamorous found time to write and record their new full length ‘soft clicks’ . To give an idea what they sound like: think of Lifetime, Dag Nasty, Rites Of Spring and Kid Dynamite mixed all together.

DEVILICA – the journey continues..’ CD (third arm records)[ RM15 / USD12 ]
This monstrous quartet from Tampin, Malaysia persists with their new malice offering which will bleed the ears. With coherent high pitched vocals, clamoring beats and heavy string works, their version of chaotic noise hc is redefined and refined. Enter a realm of abhorrence and odium with latest and finest release yet, the journey continues comes in digipak cd by third arm records. 11 songs for those dare to decipher this jubilee malevolance

DROWNED OUT – s/t CD(self released) [RM15]
Drowned out attempt to make captivating post-whatever/faux-angst/
slint-rock music without pretense.

FALL OF EFRAFA – inlé CD (denovali records)[ RM30 ]
The long awaited final chapter of the “The Warren of Snares” trilogy, Fall Of Efrafa conclude their mythological tale of an uprising against an oppressive regime, based upon an interpretation of the classic novel “Watership Down” by Richard Adams. Inlé is crushing yet beautiful; ambient and atmospheric heavy post hardcore

FORMING – sleep like a dog CDr (self released) [ RM5 ]
Forming are a Southern California band who play a brand of mellow, poppy indie rock that is really good, for lack of a better descriptor.reminds me of a bands like Cheap Girls, Tin Armor and Dinasour Jr.

HEIRS – alchera (denovali records) [ RM30 ]
Heirs’ debut full-length “Alchera” is a 43 minute movement of oppressive instrumental power, cyclic ritualism and bleak hallucinogenic revelation. Recorded at Head Gap Studios by Neil Thomason in the heat waves of Melbourne in January 2009 and mastered by James Plotkin (Isis, Khanate, Burning Witch), the 6 pieces recorded capture the band’s live volume – a blanket of sound traversing a rolling dynamic landscape.Drawing influence from Michael Gira and his Swans legacy, the sledgehammer riffs and industrial pummel of Godflesh, and continuing Stegeman’s incense shrouded low-end incantations from his work with doom dealers Whitehorse, combined with Jackson’s reverb-soaked noise, Alchera strips bare the needless excesses of post-rock and heavy metal in favour of something much more concise and affecting. A lurching, drugged-out specter – holding solace in one hand, and vengeance in the other.From the seething metallic buzz and bluster of the opening track “Plague Asphyx”, through to the crowning low-end droning turbulence of “Russia”, the recording is an archetype for an existence shrouded in confusion, joy, disappointment and addiction.

KAH-ROE-SHI – shi CD (various labels) [ RM 10/RM 11ppd ]
7 tracks plus 13 minutes live video of heavy hardcore crust. Technical, down tune in the vein of His Hero Is Gone, Severed Head Of State with lots of metal influence. Comes with silk-screened, pinned cloth cover and 20 pages booklet (lyrics, articles, tour pictures & flyers).

KEN STRINGFELLOW & THE DISCIPLINES – smoking kills CD (freak music)RM 15

*description will be post soon

KIAS FANSURI – Dua Tahun Pertama Digipack CD(Various Label) RM 12/RM 14ppd
A collection of their 2 years workds including tracks from demo tape,  a split 7″ with only for the sake of aching, a 4 way split 10″ with peterthepiratesquid, narwhal and teeth of mammals and a compilation tracks taken from the emo apocalpyse and love.life.comp. Imagine tristan zara and neil perry. Beautifully done digipack.

KILLEUR CALCULATEUR – Valley of The Dead Digipack CD (quiet.still.dead.records) RM 15 ppd
Hailing from downtown Kuala Lumpur, Killeur Calculateur is a full throttle emotive hardcore blast with a hard-hitting yet groovy screamo post-punk sound. Inspired by angular post-punk bands such as My Disco, Off Minor and Fugazi, they have become a band that isn’t dwarfed by its origin. It would be wrong to assume that they are merely Southeast Asian copycats of Fugazi, because Killeur Calculateur does possess its own flavor.This 5 songs CDEP combine jazzy bass guitar lines and odd-time drums signatures while letting both sharp trebly guitars do the talking, comes in digipak cover and a poster.

LA QUIETE – la fine non è la fine CD (self-released) [ RM30 ]
Italian emo, after several splits, their first full lenght, with a more defined personal sound, impossible to explain how they sound like, because they just sound like la quiete.

LA QUIETE – tenpeun 01-05 CD (sons of vesta records)[ RM30 ]
A Collection CD of La Quiete from 2001 to 2005 , contained tracks from split with the Pine , Catena Collapse ,The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra , KC Milian , Acrimonie and several compilation tracks and unreleased songs.featuring members of RAEIN, Italy’s LA QUIETE contribute four tracks of melodic, yet distraught screamy hardcore. Their sound harks back to the early 90’s emo scene of bands like MOHINDER, INKWELL, and FRAIL

(LONE) WOLF & CUB – may you only see sky’ CD (hewhocorrupt inc)[ RM25 ]
Trading in their pickup trucks and acoustic guitars for battle axes and beards, (Lone) Wolf & Cub waste no time in laying exactly that…waste…metal waste. Whether they’re in the back yard training attack dogs or rubbing rocks together to ignite the fire for their next meal of meat, these men have one thing on their mind, destroy the living and devour the maggots that seek their flesh!!!!–hwc

MILVAINS – s/t CD (black fading records) [ RM20 ]
3 piece Italian screamo in the vein of early Raein and the Death Of Anna Karina.

MINOR THREAT – complete discography CD (dischord records) [ RM60 ] *last copy
The Washington, D.C. straightedge hardcore punk scene began with Minor Threat. The band recorded two LPs on its own Dischord label, plus an EP and the miscellaneous singles that are collected on this CD. Many of the early recordings on this collection seethe with teen-age angst and indignation. The songs rage against bullies, religious hypocrisy, and the herd mentality.Other songs, taken from later in Minor Threat`s career, feature tighter and more sophisticated playing. Metallic flourishes tinge the guitar work, vocal harmonies abound, and song dynamics vary more than on the earlier record. On certain songs, Ian MacKaye`s lyrics address the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and self-expression. “Look Back and Laugh,” “Little Friend,” and “It Follows” all incline more toward introspection and ambiguity; conveying loss and sadness in addition to outrage. This second set of songs seems to especially anticipate MacKaye`s later work with Fugazi. The album also contains a few playful numbers like the sing-along cover of “Stepping Stone,” and “Cashing In,” a mocking dig at greedy musicians. Minor Threat believed completely in the power of its music, helping earn a loyal fan following and the respect of numerous other bands who emulated its style and credo.

NUISANCE DRILLED – All Is Well, Euphoric Ending CDEP (revulsion records) RM12 / USD10
A long awaited debut CDEP of heavy hitting howling sludge violence from the depth of Klang Valley. Featuring members of Sarjan Hassan, Banzai 606 and Injustice System Acceptance.

ORBIT CINTA BENJAMIN -s/t  CD [RM12] (deaf at 22 records)
This is the first EP by this screamo band from Gombak , featuring member of Utarid and Killeur Calculateur.

OSMANTIKOS / DISTRUST – split CD (epidemic records) [RM15]
Osmantikos is a 3-piece turbo rat crustcore from Serdang , Malaysiameet Distrust alcocider D-beat punk from Singapore.

PG.99 – document #8 CD (robotic empire) [ RM30 ]
Virginia’s PG.99 shine their brightest here in the finest 27 recorded minutes of their much heralded existence. With a plethora of releases only rivaled by their staggering eight member status, PG.99 managed to amalgamate almost every heavy-music genre into a tornado of punk rock fury. Not punk in a mohawk-mania sense, but with the unbridled raw spirit of youthful rebellion and passion. As one of the only recent bands to exist with a true sense of danger, Document #8 is PG.99’s opus to aggressive and creative music.

RAEIN – ogni nuovo inizio CD (oto records) [ RM30 ]
This new record is a long song split into 6 parts, and it’s some of the best stuff Raein ever did! Three guitars plus a thousand vocals equals chaotic, rockish, tangled but still beautifully melodic screamo, for fans of city of caterpillar & portraits of past.

SPIRES – flowers and fireworks CD (pissart records) [ RM 15/RM 12ppd ]
These guys sound sort of like Mesa Verde, which means this fairly impressive LP is sitting in the shadow of The Old Road. Their differentiating point is that they much prefer working with harmonic minor and trying to sound slightly evil and menacing among all of the epic builds rather than sweet and wistful. They really aren’t that original but bring solid music nonetheless.

STRIKE ANYWHERE – exit english CD (jade tree records) [RM50]
Though not as groundbreaking as the hype would suggest, Strike Anywhere’s Exit English is an inflammatory and always on-the-verge political punk album. Like Avail and Lifetime, Strike Anywhere melds melodicism and hooks to unrelenting hardcore intensity. It makes for a record that is as fun as it is serious.

SUIS LA LUNE – quiet, pull the string! CD (ape must not kill ape records) [ RM25 ]
The debut album from this young band from Sweden. Suis La Lune sometimes sounds like a lost gem of the mid 90s: melodic interludes, jangly guitars, quiet/loud parts, desperate vocals that is ranging between talky rantings and intense screaming. Suis La Lune combines this sound with a more epic and complex song structure (think of bands like City Of Caterpillar).

THEY WILL KILL US ALL – secret episodes CD (super stellar sound) [ RM20 / USD12 ]
Kuala Lumpur’s noise pop practitioners They Will Kill Us All (TWKUA) has finally got round to putting out some official product for public consumption. Forget the demos and the bootlegs, Secret Episodes – the band’s seven track mini-album – is the definitive aural document of their musical journey thus far.

The 1st CD album of This Time We Will Not Promise And Forgive is out now. The band consists members of killie, Yomoya and the staffs of oto RECORDS, blasting the sound of mid 90’s such bands as Twelve Hour Turn,Holy Shroud, Piebald, Get Up Kids, Fugazi, Serotnin, Four Hundred Years. 9 songs + 4 vocal tracks featuring the city of Koenji, Tokyo where they are from, contributing to the local scene and community, claiming the importance of supporting the local area instead of shitty coorporate companies. A great release from far East.

THIS IS ATLANTIS / NAZARK – split CD (epidemic records) [ RM15 / USD12 ]
This is Atlantis is an atmospheric intensity driven post rock teamed up with Nazark who play chaotic mathcoreunlike the Dillinger Escape Plan or Converge.

TRAINWRECK – of concrete canyons and inner wastelands CD [RM30]
CD VERSION finally available – the CD version contains the 2 extra songs. Taken from teh 4way split LP w/ ZANN/ PERTH EXPRESS & GHOSTLIMBWe are proud to release the new full length by our buddies from TRAINWRECK. 8 new killer songs by one of the best german hardcore bands at the moment. Those 8 songs are the heaviest shit they wrote so far and by the time the best ones they recorded. It reminds me a lot on the TAKARU lp – just more heavy and also on some parts of Burial Year.nice coverartwork by NIKOLAUSHAUS design.

UMBRAGE – demonstration 2008 CDr (self-released) [ RM5 ]
A demo release by this Japanese new school hardcore that highly influenced by Birthright , Chokehold , Culture and Unbroken.

V/A – HAPPY LITTLE CREATURES – compilation CD (third arm records)[ RM15 / USD12 ]
(Feat. Akta Angkasa, Devilica, Blood On Wedding Dress, Daighila, Foliage, Lord Sunny Day, Nazark and Infinite Delay.)Behold, third arm records comes forth with another new release, Happy Little Creatures Compilation. From sheer diaphanous madness to audible euphonic melancholy, this assembly of heartfelt synergy of 14 unreleased songs from 8 literally different bands will show you that harmony is subtle yet potent. These formidable acts from bands under third arm records and their accomplices chose a rather seemingly ubiquitous route in attempt to reinvent their approach to reach the mass, for the first time together, as an array of diverse voices yelling to avoid reverting so fully to their old ways that staleness ensues. Featuring Akta Angkasa, Devilica, Blood On Wedding Dress, Daighila, Foliage, Lord Sunny Day, Nazark and Infinite Delay, each band comes with a different offering for those who dare to endeavour. With a modest and unblemished artwork that speaks foritself strewn across the GATEFOLD and cd, this is one release that’s bound to be an eminent item to treasure.

V/A – LOVE.LIFE COMPILATION CD (ape must not kill ape records) [ RM20 ]
(Feat. kias fansuri , Ila Mitra, faced moment, Autumn In May, Water Rats [members of Dominic, Angora Static and Catena Collapse], the short blooming.,  Dying In Motion, The Rabbit Theory , Mr. Willis of Ohio, Eno, Her Breath On Glass, The Saddest Landscape, The Last Forty Seconds, Anomalie, Man Behind Glass, Rainer Fiedler, Daitro, Dry Conditions, Robert from Suis La Lune, Bravo Fucking Bravo.

V/A – TRUE TILL DEATH : AUSTRALIAN HARDCORE COMPILATION CD (snapshot / sold our souls records) [ RM20 ]
( Feat. Parkway Drive , Grim Reality , Against , Perish The Thought , Toe To Toe , Never Alone , Fast Times ,Strenght Within , Stockholm Syndrome , Negative Reply , Means To An End , Stronger Than Hate , Day Of Contempt ,King Kong , Taking Sides ,Betray The Day , Back On Track , AIDS , Shotpointblank , Violent Abuse , Sense Of Purpose & Mindsnare )

V/A – HUMANITY BRUTALITY – 3 way split CD (various labels ) [ RM10 ]
w/ Discrusher , Hellexist & Black Wing Of Vengeance

VINYLS ( 7″ / 10″ / 12″ )

BORIGOR / CEREMONIAL EXECUTION – split 7″ (erode releases) [ RM15 ]
BORIGOR plays mid-90s Bremen-Style with a touch of Skandi-Metal. the band members were / are also in the following bands: THE CHEERLEADERS OF THE APOCALYPSE, ARSEN AKA KOENIG DER MONSTER, and HOUSES IN TEXAS. so you know how they sound 😉 AMAZING! the songs were recorded in the mighty kuschelrock studios. CEREMONIAL EXECUTION are from sweden. they make metal with grind attacks.

BURNING TIMES ‘the end is the beginning’ 7″ (various labels)  [ RM20 ]
2nd 7″ from this Brighton band. This record definitely feels like it’s leaning more towards the modern crust sound, but is still a ripper.

CLOUD MOUTH / COUGAR DEN – split 7″ (ice age records [ RM20 ]
Two midwest punk powerhouses come together for a two song split to end all splits. Cougar Den, stumbling in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin play epic screamo-influenced hardcore, with long songs and tripled-up vocal attacks. Cloud Mouth, from Chicago, IL, wake up just in time to play this song and will desperately yell at you while trying to figure out what they’re supposed to be playing right now, but you don’t even care; you just want to dance. Limited run of 111.

F.P.O – straight to the point 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
It’s sad, but true. This 7” is the farewell record of these Macedonian straight edge pioneers. And in a way, this 7” also makes the circle round, as on the 7” F.P.O. return to the sound of their early days. The six songs are fast bursts of hardcore punk, with a touch of youthcrew and an emphasis on the punk part. Singer Vasko sings in a raw voice, with gives the songs even more a punk feel. The music was recorded live and that really suits a band that made a name mainly because the many high energy shows they did over the years. The philosophy of F.P.O. did not change through the years: still straight edge, still political, still truly D.I.Y. and this shows in the lyrics, that are sung in their native language, but came (of course) with translations.

KIAS FANSURI / ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF ACHING – split 7″ (various labels) [ RM15 ]
Finally after months of delays it´s done. The OFTSOA / Kias Fansuri Split is out. This release is the last output by Oftsoa who continued playing a mix between screamosound, hardcore and the mid 90´s. Two songs which deal with friendship and the treatment of the diy-culture. Kias Fansuri are ex Utarid and play emoviolence in the vein of Orchid, Reversal of men and the Khayembii Communique. They contribute two songs as well. The artwork was done by ward zwart and contains lyrics, limernotes as well as his unique drawings. This record is limited to 600 copies in black vinyl. There is a special edition available which is containing a nice screenprinted Oftsoa / Kias fansuri totebag. This edition is limited to 60 copies and is available at our specials in the shop. the totabagedition is only available through the involved lables (Ape must not kill ape, still leben and synalgie) and the bands.

HAND OF FATIMA / TOUNDRA – split 7″ (various labels) [ RM15 ]
2 new songs of these two interesting bands Post Metal / Post Rock Instrumental for fans of bands like Pelican, Russian Circles, Isis, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, etc.

KIDCRASH / L’ANTIETAM – split 7″ (narshadaa records) [ RM20 ]
Split 7″ between Kidcrash from Olympia and Santa Fe and L’Antietam from New Hampshire. Both bands are celebrating the typical mid 90s emo. Kidcrash are wilder and more weird. L’Antietam much more melancholic.

MONS WOLFF – pills 7″ (radical friends records) [ RM20 ]
This is the debut 7 inch “Pills” by Las Vegas band Mons Wolff, released by Radical Friends Records. Mons Wolff plays heavy music that embodies bands like Curl Up and Die, Cursed, and Engineer. Digital Download included.

NORTH – perfect body perfect soul 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
The debut-7” of North from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. North, in which we recognize some former members of GuidingLine, X-Men and Crivits, labels itself as ‘positive old school’ and that is exactly what this band is about. Musically, North also mixes some rock-influences into their music, and there are a lot of guitar melodies to be found in their songs. The lyrics not only reflect the positive outlook on life of the band, but also the interest the band members take in eastern philosophy.

OFF MINOR / ST. ALBANS KIDS – split 7″ (kickstart my heart records) [ RM20 ]
Two decent bands, two great tunes and a couple of covers you could probably live without. Not bad odds by any stretch, the only obvious complaint being that since their own tunes are so top-hole it would’ve been nice to hear more of the buggers…

OSCEOLA / MONARCS – split 7″ (various labels) [ RM20 ]
One time press of 420 copies of this Mexican import 7″! Badass split between MONARCS and OSCEOLA, both with former members of TUNES FOR BEARS TO DANCE TO and/or TYRANNY OF SHAW, the proto-screamo bands that predated TORCHE and CAPSULE finding their way to our humble label. Killer cousins of our bros, and a pretty hard to find 7″ too! 420 total copies pressed, there are 220 on black vinyl and this is on white colored.

PATHETIC HUMAN – s/t 7″ (she’ll be right records ) [ RM15 ]
Thrash driven hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Heavily influenced by power-violence, noise and traditional hardcore punk. They have shared the stage with more well known bands like Extortion, Straight Jacket Nation, Septic Surge, Suffer and Collapsed Toilet Vietnam and are nothing like any of the bands below.

RESOLVE – ’s/t’ 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
Resolve is a five-piece straight edge band from the St. Louis, MO-area, that plays pure late 1980s youthcrew hardcore, in the classic style that bands like Youth Of Today and Turning Point made big. So the perfect soundtrack to singalong, fingerpoint and jump around to! The songs are fast, energetic full of catchy singalongs and deal with life from a positive perspective. With lyrics about the meat industry, the power of oil corporations in the USA, intelligent design, but also about being different and making a positive change, Resolve makes clear that the have some importants thoughts to share.

SECOND COMBAT – what has inspired us? 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
Klang Valley straight edge veterans Second Combat debut on vinyl with a six song 7” on Commitment Records. Second Combat is already around for over 12 years, and that shows in the songs on this EP. Although the basis is old school hardcore, Second Combat takes the style to a new level, with songs that burst of different ideas: melodic singing, over the top screaming, youth crew singalongs, superfast drum parts, melodic guitar work, it’s all present on this 7”. The lyrics show that Second Combat not only takes pride in being straight edge, but also address some important issues as sexism, racism and wage slavery.

SNAKE RUN – lies 7″ (self released) [ RM15 ]
Adelaide hardcore band Snake Run offer 6 new tracks of “occultic punk rock and roll”.

SUIS LA LUNE – s/t 7″ (qsd records) [ RM20 ]
This release was supposed to be released by the english label Leave Records a long time ago! There were like 80 copies for one of the Suis La Lune tours CDr they did like almost 4 years ago.The rest of the copies just dissappeared. Anyway,this will be some kind of a special release,limited to 300 copies in 3 different colors ( translucent blue,clear green and clear brown),remastered tracks & handnumbered copies co-released with Escucha!,Fasaden and Listen to Aylin.

TAKE CONTROL – tides 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
Take Control, from Cedar Falls, Iowa, has already been making a name for themself in the Midwest hardcore scene by touring like crazy. The band brings their straight edge message packed in hardhitting fast and heavy hardcore, that both sounds firmly rooted in the past, but also very much 2008. The bitter lyrics fit in very well with the aggressiveness of the music – bitter about the destruction that is happening all around. The band may sound bitter, but brings with their music also a message of hope. As powerful and angry as hardcore should sound!

THE AGE – s/t 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
Polish straight edge band The Age (aka Second Age) make their vinyl debut with this 6-track 7″ EP. After a CD EP and a full length CD album, that was released on Refuse Records in their homecountry, this is also their first ‘international’ release. Mixing youthcrew with melodic hardcore, adding lyrics focusing primarily on scene-related issues and straight edge, The Age clearly show why they are considered as one of the leading East European straight edge bands. The record, that is a benefit for a local horse shelter, comes in a stylish sleeve.

THE MIRACLE  – true spirit EP 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
The Miracle is a new old school hardcore band from the Milan area, Italy. Althought the band only started in the beginning of 2004, the members have been active in other bands (like Shotgun Formation, Fumbles In Life, Frontline and No More Fear) for many years. The Miracle sport a heavy old school sound, but keep it fast and energetic (think: Headfirst on their debut-7”). In their lyrics The Miracle address scene related, personal and political topics. The record is a benefit for Amnesty International.

TURN THE TIDE – what’s behind these eyes 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
Turn The Tide started out as a project in October 2006, when people involved in several other Finish hardcore bands, decided it was time for a straight edge band playing traditional hardcore in Finland again, as such a band had been lacking since the breakup of On A Solid Rock. Although Turn The Tide take the inspiration for their sound clearly from the classic youthcrew bands, their sound also contains elements of melodic punkrock and even classic rock, with raw production adding an extra sting. Shouted by a voice that sometimes brings Ian MacKaye to mind, the lyrics on their debut-7” are reflections of everyday life and relations with other people: greed, love, self-confidence and personal choices and growth.

US , HAUNTED BODIES ‘s/t’ 7″ (communique records) [ RM15 ]
Us, haunted bodies hail from the bay area of California. Home to the creative history of passionate hardcore/punk, they embody that identity and ideal to the purest points. These 4 songs are violent, chaotic, and full of rage. For fans of Tristan tzara, neil perry and louise cyphre and also Features ex and current members of loma prieta and occam’s razor, they sound much like the latter and present bands. One sided 7″ has scissors screend on the back along with a beautiful fold out design that’s silkscreened and slides into a letterpressed outer sleeve. Despite the picture we show, this is on BLACK VINYL.

WHEN SEASONS CHANGE – time will tell us 7″ (commitment records) [ RM15 ]
When Seasons Change is a brand new band from the north-east of Italy. Formed in 2004 as Nothing To Hide, the band changed its name to When Seasons Change a year later and now have their debut-7” out on Commitment Records.Six songs of powerful, energetic and melodic hardcore, fusing the late 1980s and late 1990s styles of positive straight edge hardcore with some 21st century influences. In their lyrics, WSC adress with both personal and politics topics, like having pride within yourself, taking a stand against fascism and refusing to give in to this materialist society we are living in.

AGEING – fragment 10″ (twilight records)[ RM15 ]
Italian new school hardcore from the 90’s . comes in red vinyl.

GHOSTLIMB / FISCHER – split 10″ (vitriol records) [RM30]
This 11 song 10″ Split is the second Vitriol Release, featuring LA’s pissed ass Ghostlimb, and the Bay Area’s own vitruosos of “going there”, Fischer. 6 new songs from Ghostlimb raging on such subjects as the Spanish Civil War, autonomy, and hating you, while Fischer focus on the lighter side of human suffering. all records come with a great cover artwork, that include printed PVC plastic sleeve. Looks fuckin siqq!

GRAF ORLOCK Destination Time Today LP (adagio 830 / vitriol records) [RM40]
Destination Time Today is the third installment of Graf Orlock’s chronology bending cinema-grind trilogy begun in 2006 and 2007. This new testament to nebulous ideas and bodily harm surveys such time honored themes as presidential assassination, robotic domination, and the pitfalls of pre-historic survival. Aesthetically, Destination Time Today continues a barrage of thrash and incomprehensible anger, while interweaving a filthy compliment of slow and grating depression, all within a two minute framework of ill- imagined social commentary. With a Jan 2009 East Coast tour, and Summer 2009 Euro Tour, Graf Orlock aim to inspire a cynical rebellion so infuriating, they hopefully won’t live to witness it.

COMADRE burn your bones LP w/ CD & DVD (adagio 830) [RM65]
This is the 4th pressing of the COMADRE burn your bones LP. The record comes with a total new artwork and the gatefold cover holds a CD version of the LP and a DVD that has footage from most of their tours, including: U.S. Tour 2005, Japan Tour 2006, U.S. Tour 2006, Europe Tour 2007, U.S. Tour 2007, Mexico Tour 2008, Japan Tour 2008 and Europe Tour 2008This is COMADRE’s third release and second full length… and as always, it is released on their own records label, Blood Town Records. The progression that has been made between COMADRE’s last releases and this one is obvious. 10 songs that test COMADRE’s musical creativity while remaining loud, chant-filled, heart-felt, and punk as fuck. Recommended for fans of Orchid, Usurp Synapse, PG.99, Reversal of Man, etc… brutal stuff,


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