doing mailorder since 1999!

welcome to utarid:distro!

Welcome to utarid:distro!

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. we started around 1999 to cater to the underground scene of independent music in Malaysia and around Southeast Asia . we carry many of the musical genres, such as hardcore, punk , screamo , math rock, indie rock etc.

This blog will be an alternative for us to promote and sell some stuff like tapes , CD’s , vinyl’s , Zine’s and Book’s. the distro is still small, but we’re slowly growing , our exclusives mostly from our friend’s labels ;

QSD Records
Bullwhip Records
Puremind Records
Denovali Records
Third Arm Records
Revulsion Records
Adagio 830 Records
Commitment Records
Communique Records
Whatever It Takes Records
Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records
Where’s That Deerhead Cassette

if your label wanted to exclusively distribute by us , please email us at utariddistro@gmail.com

our full distrolist will be post soon.

till then , Happy New Year!

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